Savvy SRH Consultant Sadia Dives Into Her Specialties

SRH Consultant Sadia speaking at the 2018 NSRH Conference

SRH Consultant Sadia is here! To clarify, SRH means sexual and reproductive health. Let’s begin with my portfolio.

My Portfolio

Some recent writings include:


In addition, some organizations I’ve worked with include HEART Women and Girls, Advocates for Youth, and the Reproductive Health Access Project.

Topics I am experienced and love speaking about:

1. Reproductive justice

Reproductive justice is a term dear to my heart, yet often thrown around with no context or reason. Let’s talk. I offer speaking, training, and education what is reproductive justice for Muslims, for South Asian Americans, for Asian Americans, and for Indo-Caribbeans.

2. Sexual health education

Sex ed barely exists in most American schools. As a result, many people are not aware of so many things involving consent, anatomy, and more. I offer speaking, training, and education on sexually transmitted infections, prenatal care, postpartum care, pregnancy options (yes, including abortion), and intimate partner violence.

3. Asian American health issues

LOL, trying to get any Asian person to talk about their health is one thing. Now, you want to get an Asian American person to talk about their sex life?! Yeah, no you need a SRH consultant. Asian people, in particular Brown (South Asian) people do not easily, if ever, discuss their sexuality or sexual health.

I offer speaking, training, and education on culturally competent comprehensive sexual health education curriculum development, gender-based violence in the Asian American community, mental health stigma in the South Asian American community, and more.

4. Medical racism and sexism

In addition, here is another set of buzzwords thrown around for clout without any real systemic change enacted either from corporate health care or legislation. You know how it is, so let’s talk about it. I offer speaking, training, and education on medical racism. Some examples social determinants of health (I will discuss white supremacy), gynecological and obstetric violence, and more.

5. DEI digital strategy for your target audience

Finally, we’re here. So, you’ve been trying to influence health behaviors with no luck? Especially in the South Asian community? This SRH consultant offers training, speaking, and education on best practices for community health engagement in South Asian spaces, digital strategy insights, and consumer retention and behavior modification.

In addition, I work with all sorts of people and entities: 1-1 consults, non-profits, schools, businesses, and more.

Also, I offer health content writing, freelance content creation, workshop development, and so much more.

Why You Should Hire a Me as Your SRH Consultant

To begin with, I get it, you have a ton of options and a ton of things to do. Finding a SRH consultant might not be urgent or even something on your never-ending to-do list.

As an independent business woman not affiliated with any other health consulting practices, I’m a little different. A little niche. Overall, I’m a little innovative and creative.

But, that’s the thing.

You need someone who thinks outside the box. Truthfully, you need someone who will get the job done, understand your target audience, and put in 100% effort.

I am your SRH consultant because of my academic credentials, my experience, and my unique voice.

Finally, are you ready to take the plunge and hire the SRH consultant you’ve been waiting for?

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