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Meet Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Sadia

Hi! My name is Sadia, and I’m a second-career women’s health nurse practitioner, reproductive justice advocate, and public health educator.

Over the past decade, I’ve worked in public health communications, hosted workshops on reproductive and sexual health, tutored nursing students, travelled a ton, hopped in and out on Asian American activism, and spent a lot of time in the reproductive justice world. For more, check out my blog!

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About Nurse Sadia

Living in the USA, I’m a South Asian woman who’s seen a lot in life. I have experience as a peer sex educator, registered nurse, and reproductive justice advocate. Truthfully, I never planned on being any of those things, but life has its way of bringing experiences to me.

I started reading about sex on my own and what it means to have sex. My curiosity led me to work with some cool organizations. Some of them include Fenway Health, SaheliBoston, Advocates for Youth, the National Minority AIDS Council, and HEART Women and Girls.

After seeing the non-profit life and witnessing serious mishaps in health care, I decided to back to school. I completed a Bachelors of Science in Nursing and Masters of Science in Women’s Health Nursing from Emory University. Presently, I’m a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner and do Nurse Sadia work on the side.

I also earned a Masters in Public Health (dual concentration in Maternal and Child Health and Social and Behavioral Sciences) and Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from Boston University. 

The Origins of the Digital Health Communicator and Nurse Sadia

Many years ago, I started thinking about the wonderful nurse practitioner who put in my IUD. She was so amazing at her job. I never knew the difference between doctor or nurse or anything like that. But, her kindness and patient care changed my life.

I researched women’s health nursing and found out about the existence of women’s health nurse practitioners. Turns out, I really liked the idea of being a women’s health nurse practitioner. I had no idea about nursing school, so I did a TON of research.

Women’s health, reproductive health, sexual health, communications, plain language, health equity, reproductive justice – all of it motivated me to take the plunge into nursing school.

After graduating from nursing school and earning my board certification as a women’s health nurse practitioner. I’m currently working in women’s health nursing and doing Nurse Sadia on the side 🙂


Whether you’re looking to hire a women’s health nurse, consult with a reproductive justice advocate, get some insight on your sex ed curriculum, or something else, let’s get started.

P.S. Are you still reading? If you are able to afford to do so, consider compensating me for my time and labor with a one-time amount via PayPal (https://paypal.me/nursesadia) or Ko-fi (https://ko-fi.com/nursesadia). Thank you!

Thank you from Nurse Sadia

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