Health Content Writer Offers 5 Ways to Reach Out and Begin

Help! I Need a Health Content Writer, Consultant, Educator!

I got you. Hi, I’m Sadia, a women’s health nurse practitioner and aspiring health content writer. I used to work professionally for the Centers for Control and Prevention (CDC) as a health communications fellow and have been in the public health arena for over a decade. I’ve been a sexual health educator, nursing tutor, public speaker, curriculum developer, proof reader, copyeditor, freelance digital strategist, and so much more. Now, I’m a WHNP offering my services as a reproductive justice advocate, speaker, educator, and health content writer for hire.

Talking to me is pretty easy. You can connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me at the digitalhealthcommunicator at gmail dot com.

Read some of my latest works at Lala’s Bedtime Tales Blog!

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My availability is fairly open, and I am accepting new speaking and writing engagements. If you browsed through my site and socials and did not find what you were looking for, I would still love to hear from you to learn how I can best assist you.

There are many options in selecting the perfect health content writer for your needs, so ask yourself.

When was the last time you saw a health content writer who was also a board-certified women’s health nurse practitioner?
Who had 10+ years of experience as a sexual health educator and reproductive justice advocate?
Who used to work in public health communications at the CDC?
Who had two masters degrees by age 27?
Who also LOVES public speaking and has 60+ presentations under her belt?

You know what you need to do.

Truly, you need a health content writer who can deliver to your target audience. You need someone relatable and personable, yet informative to get your messages across. What are you looking for in your project that you would like to see happen?

Is it something related to women’s health, Asian American issues, or a mix of both? Is it wanting a fresh voice or to revamp an existing message?

While writing is an aspiring passion, I bring my experience as a public speaker and social media strategist into my writings as well.

Plus, what sort of writing are you looking for? SEO style? Blog writing? General writing? Five ways to reach your audience via health content writing includes:

  1. Knowing your target audience. Who do you want to reach and why do you want to reach them? What makes them unique compared to the general public? What happens when their behavior is influenced by your products?
  2. Knowing your topic. Yes, I love all things women’s health, but women’s health is vast! Menopause, contraception, pregnancy options, mental health, and so much more. So, if you’re looking for a health content writer on women’s health, what exactly do you mean?
  3. Knowing your budget. Staying within budget is how companies thrive in the long run. I’m very flexible with payment options, and I also know my worth. You need to do the same. It’ll be better for you. Promise.
  4. Knowing your style. Every company or organization or thing on the Internet has some sort of style in their speech, animation, products, and more. What sort of style do you want a health content writer to bring to your work?
  5. Knowing your goal. After hiring a health content writer, what do you want to accomplish? More likes? More purchases? More engagement on your website itself?

Knowing what you need to know to thrive on the Internet will get you to where you want to be.

Stay in touch!

Thank you from Nurse Sadia

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