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Nurse Sadia speaks on her lived experience as an Asian American woman navigating health care, entrepreneurship, nursing, and life on the Internet.

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Indo-Caribbean Life – 6 Unfiltered Sweet and Sour Scenes

Indo-Caribbean life and culture is a vibe. Sweet, sour, bittersweet, and everything in between. Don’t let the fancy degrees and description fool you. I’m among the few Indo-Caribbean women in America who live without their parents, don’t speak to their abusive family, am single, am childless by choice, and run their...

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Asian American Sex Ed, Perfect for AAPI Heritage Month 2022

What a month. Mays have always been really hectic for me, and this May was no exception. I decided to write about Asian American sex ed since there is very little about this topic. Asian American sex ed is rarely discussed or formally studied. Plus, it’s an issue close to my...

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Asian American Repro Justice: My 2022 Drive Revamped

Happy Wednesday! I’m diving into Asian American repro justice on my terms. It’s going to get personal, deep, and raw because I have been thinking about this topic for YEARS! **I also mention a lot of triggering things like drug use, violence, and more later in this post. Please be mindful...

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Turning Red Movie Review: I Love It, Instant 5 Stars

Each Turning Red movie review bustles with commentary ranging from super amazing to omg no to super controversial. Honestly, I fucking love Turning Red and cannot stop watching it (I probably have watched it like 20 times on Disney Plus now). Turning Red is a story of Chinese Canadian tween Mei-Lin...