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Non-Binary People’s Day 2022 0

Non-Binary People’s Day 2022 Feels Wild

Happy Wednesday! Tomorrow is International Non-Binary People’s Day 2022 – woohoo! This week, I’ll be talking about non-binary people, the history of International Non-Binary People’s Day, and more. Whether you are non-binary or just want to learn more about this group of people, this post is for you! First, Who Are...

turning red image featuring red panda mei-lin and her friends 1

Turning Red Movie Review: I Love It, Instant 5 Stars

Each Turning Red movie review bustles with commentary ranging from super amazing to omg no to super controversial. Honestly, I fucking love Turning Red and cannot stop watching it (I probably have watched it like 20 times on Disney Plus now). Turning Red is a story of Chinese Canadian tween Mei-Lin...